The Little Match Girl

Once upon a time there was a poor little girl. It was a cold snowy winter day. It was getting dark and she was a long way from home. She was wearing an old dress with many holes in it and there was a thin black shawl around her shoulders which did not keep the wind at all. She had no shoes on her feet turned blue with cold as she walked slowly along. She held a match box in one hand and some matches wrapped in an old rag in the other. She had not sold even one single match all day. By this time she could see the lamps lighted in house windows and there was a lovely warm cooking smell of food in the air. People with baskets full of food and presents hurried past the little girl.

The little girl’s head and shoulders were covered with snow flakes and at last she could not walk any further. She felt ill because she was so hungry and sank in a corner between two big houses. She tucked her frozen toes under her ragged dress and rubbed them as hard as she could. The poor girl was too scared to go home without selling any matches and now her hands seemed to be frozen just like her toes. She decided to light one little match to try and warm her fingers so she struck one on the house wall. There was as sudden light and the girl held her fingers near the flame. It made her think of a big stove with a bright warm glow. She stretched out her toes to warm them. Then the flame went out. The warm stove vanished and all that was left was a burnt out match.

She struck another match and at once the wall next to her turned into glass. By the tiny flame, she could see right inside the room. There was a table which was covered with good things to eat. She sniffed the air. It smelled so good and suddenly she saw a roast chicken flying towards her. It was brown and juicy. There was even a knife and fork and plate. She put out her hands to take them. Then the match went out. Everything disappeared. The poor little girl was still sitting by the cold grey wall, and she could not stop shivering. She curled up in a ball to try and get a little warmer.

But it was no use, so she lit a third match. Its tiny flame showed the room inside the same house. But now she thought she was inside the house herself. There was a beautiful tree with lots of presents lying underneath it. The tree was covered with silver balls, bright glowing candles and tiny jingling bells. Her hand went up to touch them. At that moment the match went out. The dark night sky turned into twinkling stars. As she watched, she saw the brightest star of all fall back to earth.

“Oh I could make a wish” the little girl whispered when she saw the star fall from the sky. “My dearest grandmother told me that my wish would come true whenever I see a star falling from the sky.”

She quickly lit another match. As it burned with a tiny bright flame, her mother and grandmother appeared by her side. “Your wish is granted my child” said the grandmother. “Let’s go home” said her mother smiling sweetly.

“Oh dearest grandmother,” the little girl sobbed, “Please don’t disappear like the warm stove, the roast chicken and beautiful tree!”

“No I won’t” said the grandmother. They took her by the hand and walked until they came to a nice little house. They entered in and what did the little match girl find in the house? The warm stove, tasty chicken and a beautiful tree!

Her wish came true! Can you guess what her wish was?... And she was never ever lonely.