Halloween Song

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Halloween Song

Which, why, where, who
Is coming to our witches brew?
A witch, an owl,a ghost a cow
Say hello and take a bow

Which, why, where, what
Shall we put into the pot?
Spiders, worms and bats - the lot
Mix them up and make them hot.

Which, where, who, which
One of you can sew a stitch
I tripped up on the football pitch
Oh - are you a silly witch!

Which, where, why, who
Do you think you're talking to?
Go and mind your business do
Or I will put a spell on you!

Which, where, why, how
Can I get to milk this cow?
Do you think she will allow
Me to pull her udders now?

Where, which, who, why
Can't I fly into the sky?
You'll have to make the effort - try
Oh no I can't! I'm much too shy!

Which, why, who, where
Can they be? There's no one there.
I'm looking up and down the stair
They hear me call but they don't care.

Which, where, why, how
Did you like a little "show"?
A witch, an owl, a ghost, a cow
Say goodbye and take a bow.

Lyrics by Annette Gursoy